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Deeper than a Punch

April 24, 2019


The real reasons to study a martial art go much deeper than the punch or the kick. The journey of a martial artist is a journey of self-discovery. In my mind, this is the most underrated reason you should learn a martial art. This idea was talked about thousands of years ago …..

“The first and best victory is to conquer self.” – Plato

One of the core traits of self-discovery is Discipline. The root of the word discipline is disciple, as in a willing pupil, a student, or simply “to learn.” While some are born with an iron will, discipline can be learned, albeit sometimes the hard way.



The trait of discipline is among the most important lessons I gained through the martial arts. Every hard class, every frustrating attempt at mastering aspects of fighting is a step toward self-discipline.

“The irony of self-defense is that our biggest opponent in almost any conflict is within.” 

I have used my martial arts training in real fighting situations a hand full of times but more importantly, I have used my martial arts training countless times avoid or defuse an aggressor. I have used discipline to not react to anger with anger. As valuable as learning the kicks and punches is the discipline of knowing when to use them.

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