Do you trust your arms?


Think about the first time you drove a car. When you held the steering wheel you grabbed it so tight. You didn’t trust your hands and arms. The movements are sharp and overactive, the trust you have for them is very little. BUT as time goes on and with experience, you learn to just relax and build trust that they know what to do.

We can also apply this same idea to Systema students. When students first begin their arms are tense, stiff and unsure. Training helps build confidence and trust that they know what to do. Along the way, you make lots of mistakes. And this is exactly how I have but my skills. By making a lot of mistakes! (Not trying to be perfect)


Here is a little training footage from a class I taught last week on this topic. Letting them go forward (not backwards towards your body). Teach your arms to work in a relaxed and confident manner. Trust that they can solve the problems that you will face. Grabs, punches, kicks, etc…

A Manny Minute (Youtube Footage)

Relaxed & Confident Arms 


Systema training at FightClub has so much to offer. Try a few classes and see for yourself! The atmosphere is positive, fun and empowering.

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