Fail Fast, Failing Often and Early


These are not exactly the words you want to hear, let me explain…

To me failure is not the opposite of success, it is apart of being successful. Failure teaches us so much, why then do we avoid it? Shame or ego possibly – At the end of the day avoiding failures means to avoid the #1 best teacher of the human race – Failure. Show me any successful person out there from Olympic athlete to top leaders and when you talk to them they will tell you that they failed a lot to become successful.

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I have a simple motto that I use for myself… “Try – Test – Fail”. I apply it to all so many aspects of my training and life. It works so well for me and I want to show every student that trains at FightClub this same perspective. Too many people trying to be perfectionists and they need to unlearn this mentality quickly or they will not learn all they need to learn from school and life.

The big question becomes can you stomach the losses? The answer should always be yes I can. Training in Systema Russian Martial Arts at FightClub will prepare you!

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