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Fall in Love with the Boredom

July 28, 2020


“One should approach all activities and situations with the same sincerity, the same intensity, and the same awareness that one has in martial arts training”

We live in a world obsessed with results. We have a tendency to put so much emphasis on whether or not we achieve our goals. If, however, we put that intensity and focus and sincerity into the process— Reading & writing, exercise & breathing, communicating and listening, laughter & joy … everyday! Then achieving our goals is simply a side effect.

The point is not to worry about goals and achievements. The point is to fall in love with the boredom of doing the work and embrace each piece of the process. The point is to take that moment of complete awareness and carry it with you everywhere in life.

It is not the goal that matters. It is not the finish line that matters. It is the way we approach the goal that matters.

Just because we are in the midst of a pandemic, never lose sight of this …. now or ever. Something to think about when your training this week …


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