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Martial Arts

FC Adult Program Toronto

At FightClub, you develop the skill set necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones.


FightClub is not your traditional martial arts school. We train in Systema, a complete fighting system. This is the real deal. The training is honest, focused and very productive. The physical and psychological skills you learn here can be used in everything from business negotiations to everyday life.

Systema Martial Arts Training

adult martial arts training Toronto

A Positive Training Atmosphere

There is no belt system. We don’t rehearse choreographed dances that could somehow save your neck in a tight situation. The drills we utilize are battle-tied, true, and tested. Multiple attackers, groundwork, situational awareness, kicks, breathing control, grabs, improvised weapons, strikes, pain suppression, and knife disarming are just a few of the things encompassed in our training program. It is extensive, and you will learn and grow as a person in many ways.


Due to the unique training methodology, please note that there are no beginner versus advanced classes. The training is designed so that every skill level receives beneficial practice and achieves quick results. The atmosphere at the school is open, friendly, and highly productive.


Providing you with the best adult martial arts classes in East York:



To begin, go to the GET STARTED page of this website and complete a simple online form and waiver requesting to participate in a class. Please come a few minutes before the class begins so I can show you around and introduce myself. Bring sweatpants and a T-shirt for training. No shoes; you can work out in bare feet or with socks.


Membership options can be explored after you have experienced the training and are confident that this is what you want. 


If you have any further questions about our martial arts training program, please do not hesitate to contact us on the CONTACT page!

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