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Archery Training 

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FightClub Archery is dedicated to the practice and study of the “Art of Archery.” Archery classes teach the importance of proper form, technique, coordination between mind and body, calmness, precision, responsibility, focus, and safety.


Archery is a sport for all; classes are available for adults and kids. Our approach educates and gives you knowledge that will help you to become an active archer. The FC archery range is located indoors for year-round training.


Join us for archery classes and lessons in East York on Friday 5-6 PM and 6-7 PM.

Archery Lessons

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Go to the GET STARTED page of this website, complete a simple online form, and sign a waiver requesting to participate in the archery program. Then, follow the four steps below to join the weekly archery training classes.


Send an e-mail to with a request to participate in the archery program


Complete 2 – 60 minutes

Introductory Archery lessons

Cost is $100


Complete our Archery Club Safety Test


Sign up and join the training group. Membership cost is

$125 per month

For the past 15 years, Emmanuel has practiced and studied many archery shooting styles and is a certified instructor. He also competes in many archery competitions throughout Ontario and Canada and is an active member of Archery Canada, winning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in 2023. 


Archery Instructor & Coach

Emmanuel Manolakakis 

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