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Focused on FOCUS this Month

October 1, 2019


Hey FC Parents,

For the month of September, I focused a lot on teaching the kids about what it takes to be a good student at FightClub and in school. Here is the list we worked on in class of the attributes of ‘A Good Student’.

A Good Listener

Stays Focused

Sitting Still 

Works Hard

Being Quiet when the Teacher is Talking

Asking good questions

Is Trustworthy 


For this month I will be focusing on FOCUS! There are too many distractions in our world these days. Kids now more than ever before need to stay focused. Video games, television, and smart-phones have taken a toll on their ability to keep focused for more than a few minutes. 

How will I do this you ask?  

Concentration and awareness exercises for kids are designed to help improve your child’s ability to focus during basic daily activities. 

A mind-body connection first through static positions like sitting, standing up against a wall or laying down. Then I will start timing them … Let’s see how long they can sit still without moving! According to the experts this type of training strengthens neural connections between the body and brain, making it easier for your child to focus and develop self-control.

Keep you posted on the progress and send you more information in the coming weeks.


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