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Happy New Year 2020

December 30, 2019

Hey FC Crew,

Just re-reading the ‘SYSTEMA Manual’ over the holidays and found this gem of a quote that I must have missed years ago …

“In the process of maturing and accepting the norms and laws of a society, the modern person ventures very far from his/her natural and healthy state, typically present only early childhood. This ‘departure’ has to do with the clogging o the body and psyche – fears, tensions, and cramps of all kinds. For only through a system of bans and limitations enforced by fear of punishment, does the average person get prepared for life within a society. This is not a value judgement but a statement of fact. We tend to live like this … stumbling through life ‘skewed’. We come to SYSTEMA like this … all of these limits, fears, and tensions preventing our body and psyche from adequately reacting to external stimuli, and get in the way of well-being. These limitations must be eliminated first.” 

SYSTEMA Manual – by Major Konstantin Komarov

Konstantin quote hits home on so many levels. When you get back to training in 2020 make sure you use Systema to remove all the obstacles that get in the way of your well being. Remove those limits and fears that prevent your body from reacting positively.


Have an Amazing & Safe New Year Eve. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2020.

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