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Have you ever consider your training partners? Fight PodCast

May 26, 2019


Listen to FightPod Podcast- The Role of the Training Partner

In a society that rewards looking after yourself, before anyone else, the thought of considering the other person first is difficult. This is where the true mastery of the ‘System’ lies. Being connected to people in a positive and powerful way gives your life purpose and meaning. The next time, you’re training at the gym with your partner, help show them their weaknesses.

A lot of what makes Systema so unique is the creative opportunity that is afforded to us during class time. Use it wisely. This is where your purpose comes in. Ask yourself – what are you trying to accomplish from the training?

For example: if your training partner is tense in the hips or shoulders – try touching, pushing, or pulling that area. You need not say a word about what you are doing; your partner will by his own awareness see the flaw. Be patient, your partner may not catch on quickly, but by letting them discover the weakness on their own, it will mean much more. A premium has always been put on self-discovery as the essence of true learning.

How many times have you trained and really only satisfied your ego? This is the most fruitless thing you can do. By considering your partner, you immediately become more aware of everything you do as well. This means your learning!! Your partner will also feel that your intention is not a competitive one and will start to look at the things they are doing more closely. That means that their learning!!! The atmosphere that is created as a result becomes a more positive one.

There are many benefits to martial arts. One of which is in the true spirit of martial arts – consider your self the ‘architect’ of your own greatness. Build something wonderful, but stay connected by helping others as well for it will give you much more than you can ever imagine.


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