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Holding Steady

February 21, 2019


We have worked on so many different aspects of shooting our bows over the last 6 weeks – everything from your stance – the way you align your feet and body before beginning the shot – to gripping the bow,  nocking the arrow, drawing the bowstring, and finding your anchor point. Now you’re ready to take aim and arrow your target.

The first step of aiming involves transferring weight into your back muscles. Once you anchor after draw your bow back, you must transfer the held weight from your arms into your back muscles. This makes it much easier to hold the bow steady. You transfer this weight into your back by moving your draw arm away from you, and your scapula (or shoulder blade) toward your spine.  Think of it like drawing a circle with your shoulder blade. Once the bow weight is in your back muscles your arms can relax a little to ‘release’ the arrow. If your moving before the shoot your accuracy will be compromised. Holding steady is a tricky thing to explain but very important to overall success in archery.


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