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Holiday Training Assignment #2

December 27, 2018

Hey FC Parents and Kids,

Congratulation to all the kids that complete their push-ups, squats and leg raises. Thanks to all the parents that sent me pictures and videos of the kids doing Homework Assignment number 1.

I have always believed that 10 minutes of home practice is equal to 30 mins of in-class training. Please take pictures and video on your phones and send it to me directly! This way the kids see it and understand how much it means to me. I will have special awards for those kids that complete this holiday assignment and send me pictures and video proof! 🙂

Holiday training Assignment #2

2 Breathing drills …

Part 1

Inhaling in for the nose for 5 seconds

Then out from the mouth for 5 seconds.

(For a total of 3 minutes)

Part 2

Inhaling in for the nose for 10 seconds

Then out from the mouth for 10 seconds.

(For a total of 3 minutes)

This will take the kids about 6 minutes at most to complete every day! It’s will go along way to increase their mental focus and ability to deal with stress.

Look forward to their photos and videos,


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