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Is this You? & Valentine’s Day Class

February 13, 2020


Hey FC Archers,

This Friday I have a special Valentine’s day archery class, so don’t miss out on the class!


Is this you? Lately, I have been noticing many students with a floating anchor position. This is not good. Please watch the video below for more detailed examples.



The Anchor

Archery is a sport of and accuracy and the anchor position is your key to shooting consistent tight arrow groups time after time.

Let’s get started…

The only effective way to shoot well every single time is with a solid and consistent anchor position. If your anchor is different for each shot, your arrow will impact the target at different locations even if you had the same point of aim with each shot.

Some archers are afraid of the bowstring being to close to the face and consequently, they cannot achieve a consistent anchor position. I call this a floating-anchor which is actually an oxymoron. An anchor simply cannot float and be effective at the same time.

Make a mental note of where you position your index finger near the side of your mouth until you find a comfortable place that you will use every time you anchor.


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