Karate and Russian Martial Arts

There is, of course, no ritual or bowing, no uniforms, belts, stances, gestures or katas at FIGHTCLUB. You may shake hands with an opponent, but there is no formal greeting process. New and senior students work together with no division placed on them.

You can also smile or laugh during sparring. In fact, sparring is seen more in terms of a game.

It’s not really that serious. The sparring is supposed to take place with a positive energy in tune with the overall training philosophy. You respect your opponent.
Karate and Russian Martial Arts
And, after all, if you’re deadly serious during a practice session how will you be able to be serious when a real threat comes along?

If you take life and training too seriously all the time, you will be unable or too fatigued to make the change in demeanor necessary to react to a truly serious situation.

Knowledge and experience is constantly being learned and passed on in class.

It is a complete martial art that looks at all aspects of fighting – the Physical, Physiological and Psychic.

A premium is put on utilizing natural movement, creativity and a strong fighting spirit. Learning is accelerated with a fun and safe training environment.


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