Kick Boxing and Systema Martial Arts


Kick Boxing – (Noun)

A martial art that resembles boxing but permits blows with the feet as well as punches.

Boxing – (Noun)

The act, art, or profession of fighting with the fists, esp. the modern sport practiced under Queensberry rules.

Kick Boxing Training

Training for most kick boxers involves lots of repetition; skipping, pushups, sit-ups, running, speed bag, heavy bag, focus pads and shadow boxing.

Training at FIGHTCLUB does not put the same emphasis on repetition.
Kick Boxing and Systema Martial Arts
Instead core training involves a variety of exercise that builds confidence, health and awareness.

Kicks are delivered usually from the waist down, but higher kicks are also studied.

A constant variety of leg movements and kicks opens the mind and increases creativity, great attributes needed in any altercation.

A good appreciation for the many possibilities on the street is developed.


See SYSTEMA Martial Arts Training to learn more about training at FightClub.

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