Kid’s Martial Arts Lessons


I wanted to talk to you today about giving your kids something a little different this new school year. Resiliency is an attribute that is so important for our kids to have in modern life. They are exposed to so much information (unfortunately most of it bad) and it leaves them feeling confused, frustrated, and consequently with an evergrowing sense of anxiety. These are not my opinions but medical facts coming out from our highest educational institutions. Kids need to be mentally tough enough to handle all they see and hear these days, but who teaches this or even talks about it?

Our kids have had a rough go it throughout the spring and summer months that goes without saying. Let’s stop the complaining and start evolving and even flourishing.

This September 8th the Youth Program will begin training indoors at the newly renovated FightClub studio. The kid’s martial arts lessons I have planned are specifically targeted for what our kids are facing these days. Let me help them through these tough times.

Free to share this with parents you know and care about. Tell them to bring their kids for a few lessons so they can see how important and vital the lessons taught at FightClub our for kids.

See you in the field and on the mats,


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