Kid’s Martial Arts Training – Learning Through Experience 

Real Learning Takes Place Through Experience 

Some knowledge can be obtained by learning in a classroom and through instruction by a teacher. But the deepest lessons, which are pertaining to life, are demonstrated by personal experiences.

This concept/idea is such a hallmark of Systema training for the kid’s martial arts training (and adults program). I give students a general idea to work with but encourage them to explore creative solutions. I also try to encourage them to train with different partners – each partner will do and say different things, thus giving them a different experience. A good thing over the long run, a little frustrating over the short term.

Information that is gathered in the classroom is, without any doubt, useful and proven and it can broaden our mind. However, it is my belief that teaching students to pay attention to life, situations, and my lessons at FightClub closely and having them find the lessons and learning is much more powerful.

Next time you come to class see if you can see the creative ways I weave this into my classes. 🙂

Give kids experience as much as you try to give them knowledge.


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