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I often get asked … How I have reached such high levels of understanding and application in Systema, Archery, and Teaching. The answer is short and simple – I thought I would share my answer with everyone (including the parents of the kids in the youth program). When kids are young it good to expose them to lots of activities but keep in mind your child will only be getting 20% of the benefits of that activity!

Let me explain my perspective …

80% of the benefits of an activity come from deep practice…

“You will never feel fulfilled and will never access your potential by dabbling. You’re much more susceptible to injury and are statistically most likely to quit and fail when you lack deep practice”

This statement is more of a fact when I look back on my sport and martial arts journeys. Even for my own kids, this holds true and they are 12 and 15! Kid’s martial arts training at FightClub can do a lot for your kids.

New students are welcomed to come and try a few classes and experience things the training first hand.

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