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Last Class for August & First Class for September

August 20, 2020


Hey FC Archers,

This Friday will be the last archery class for the month. We will restart classes in September (1st class being Sept. 11th). When you return to in September you will find lots of changes to the FightClub space, these were necessary changes as we adapt to our new reality.

Here is a little outline as to how the next three months will be organized. September, I will be teaching (and re-teaching) the basic archery skills, proper form, equipment maintenance, and building up some ’archery’ strength. October, I will be going over match/tournament archery rules and showing students how to build your own arrows. November, we will have a month-long tournament. December, 4th will be a medals ceremony (based on November’s tournament results) and Christmas party to end out the year.

* Parents … If your kids have any friends or family members interested in learning Archery. Now is a good time to start. For more information about the Archery Program please visit my website at http://www.fight-club.ca/toronto-archery/. Forward them this email and have them contact me at archery@fight-club.ca – There are only a few spots available so don’t hesitate.


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FC Archery News


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