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Learning to Breathe and Relax in Archery

November 1, 2019


Being able to breathe properly and to relax is going to be extremely important. Professional archers believe that most of their accuracy comes from the ability to focus. Being able to take a proper breath when shooting is also going to play a major role. The moment you shoot that arrow your body and your breathing need to be in perfect harmony.


Training at FightClub is a great option if you feel you are having a hard time learning to focus. I have never been a very hyperactive or restless person, so focusing was not too hard for me, but I know a lot of people struggle with this. Systema [a.k.a. Russian Martial Art] is an excellent way for anyone to avoid this problem. You will learn how to breathe and it might seem like we all know how to do this naturally, but breathing for focus and relaxation is an entirely different thing.

Once you combine all of these important factors into your practice sessions, you are going to be able to get optimal results. The following steps are a bit more advanced, but they are going to be extremely important if you want to make the most out of each practice session. All archery students are welcome to try the Systema classes at FightClub for no charge. Come and see for yourself how both the archery and martial art are closely connected. Just send me an email to systema@fight-club.ca 


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