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Let it Fly!!

February 8, 2019


You simply release the tension in your bow string fingers and let the arrow fly. That’s it! Relax all three fingers at once and let the string jump forward by itself. You don’t need to do anything but let go—the energy stored in the limbs at full draw will pull the string forward with great force, so there’s nothing you need to do. Letting your hand brush past your face is called a “dynamic release.” 

No Plucking the String

All you have to do is release the string; no theatrics, no forcefully bringing your hand back. You’re just letting go—that’s it!

No Pushing the Bow

Both new archers and experienced archers can fall into the tendency of moving the bow ever-so-slightly after the arrow has been released, and that—like absolutely everything else!—can mess up your shot. You want to keep your bow arm as still as possible as the arrow clears the shelf and moves toward your target. The bow will likely dip forward a little, especially if you’ve got a very relaxed grip, and that’s totally OK.


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