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Love and Martial Arts

February 14, 2019


What do these two things have in common you say?

One of the best reason to take up martial arts training is to keep your loved ones safe. You don’t need to become a tough guy or hurt people. You just need to build an awareness and understanding of violence so you can make a good decision.

There is an old saying “A soldier does not really hate what is in front of him, rather he loves what is behind him more…” This quote has always resonated true with me. I love my family and I’m sure you love yours. Make sure you can keep them safe. If you not sure how to do this please come to FightClub I will show you how to do this and much much more!

This Valentine’s day think of your loved one in a different light – With Safety, Security and Love in mind!

Happy Valentines Day to All,


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