Martial arts for adults over 50


It’s never too late to start martial arts training and those that can withstand the physical demand find it extremely rewarding. Full contact training is not for everyone, which is how we train at FightClub. But please don’t get the impression that our training is full out MMA style fighting, it’s not.

We train in Systema aka. Russian Martial Arts. A military system of hand to hand combat and self defense.

Systema is interesting. It is a very practical martial art, thus the training is very practical and cerebral. It is the thinking person’s martial art, which is probably why so many older aspirants find it so intriguing.

Reasons to train:

  • learn how to fall and reduce injury
  • learn how to deal with extreme physical duress
  • breathing and stress
  • dealing with pain
  • improve physical condition, flexibility, stamina
  • improve coordination, balance
  • learn self defense techniques
  • it’s fun

FightClub does not offer training specific to any age category except youth training . There is no martial arts for seniors class here. If you are accosted by a violent aggressive person, that person could be any age, male female, so you train with all ages, men women, experienced students and beginners.

Training for Systema, cardio and fitness is executed at one level and students can reduce or increase the intensity of their drills to fit their own training preference.

FightClub is a great place to learn martial arts for older beginners because the atmosphere is friendly, you train at your own pace and the training is serious but at the same time all rather informal. There are even morning classes three days a week.

To read what many who train at FightClub think of the training see:  Student Testimonials.

Try Two Classes

All you need is to come out to any regularly scheduled class. Please come a few minutes before the class begins. NO APPOINTMENT IS REQUIRED. You will need sweatpants and a t-shirt for training, no shoes, socks are optional.

The introductory fee is $20 – it includes any two classes (each class is 1.5 hour in duration).

For more information see: Systema Martial Arts Training

toronto systema training

401 Donlands Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 416-200-0200


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toronto systema training