Martial Arts for Children – Don’t Specialize


We live in a world of increasing specialization. Doctors don’t even specialize in oncology anymore, now they specialize in particular cancers.

Make sense, right? Hard skills, clear roles, every single thing pointed toward that one goal. There is no doubt this is good for a resume. But it turns out it’s not necessarily good for a kid’s brain or their future.

Kids need to learn a variety of things and how to make connections between them. You can see by the way I teach the kids at FightClub that creativity and variety in classes is one of my hallmarks.

Modern work demands knowledge transfer: the ability to apply knowledge to new situations and different domains… Research on thousands of adults in six industrializing nations found that exposure to modern work with self-directed problem solving and nonrepetitive challenges was correlated with being “cognitively flexible.”

And this is what we see in top performers. Yes, they specialize, but they have wide-ranging interests, providing a good amount of mental crop rotation to keep their cognitive soil fertile.

Ever meet someone who is a total one-trick pony? Great at their role, terrible at everything else? Don’t let your kid be that. Martial arts for children at FightClub expose them to a great variety of skills and knowledge that far exceeds other activities.


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