Martial Arts for Kids – Don’t let them become Summer Zombies!


Hey FC Parents and Kids,

A lot of you have been talking about the issue of kids and the amount of screen time that consumes their days over the summer. Here are a few tips for keeping screen time to a minimum.

Tips to Keep Screen Time to a Minimum 

Consciously and with purpose use your screen. Try to avoid using your screen as a habit of something to just pass the time. If you need to pass the time, look outside, go for a walk, read a book, draw, paint, close your eyes… the list is endless.

Set some boundaries for time. If you just want to watch something for a laugh, set a timer for a specific time. Again, you are adding more of a conscious decision to this.

Set boundaries for your subject. If you need to research something go ahead, but avoid the rabbit hole.

Keep stock of your kid’s emotions before and after screen time. If you notice a big difference you need to act.

Try to project into the future 10 years if you’d like this photo to be put on social media.

You as a parent, need to also be mindful of your own screen time. Kids notice everything. They hear and see everything. If you want them to have minimal screen time, then you have to do it yourself as well.

Have a good discussion about the dangers of social media as well.  Bulling, sexting, online predators are all important points to cover.

Have screen-free times set in your daily routine. For example, no screens at the dinner table. No screens at bedtime. On the weekend, if the weeknights are too hectic, have time together to explore the beach, the park, a board game, paint or draw together, read a good book together, etc.

Last but not least martial arts for kids helps in so many ways too!


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