Martial Arts Morning Classes


FightClub’s robust training schedule affords martial arts [Systema] students the opportunity to train during the late morning [11:00 – 12:30].

Many students prefer the morning classes to the night classes because the smaller class size alows each student more time with Emmanuel.

Morning class size grows during the summer months, however for most of the year class size remains moderate with a good influx of visitors, senior and new students.

FightClub has offered the morning class since 2005 and many students have taken advantage of an accelerated training program by working the morning classes into their routine [along with night classes].

Quite often students stay after the morning class for a little extra one-on-one with a senior student. This is encouraged.

Morning classes are offered: Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays 11:00 – 12:30

Please see Systema Martial Arts Training for more information on membership.

See Class Schedule for the full weekly schedule.

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