Martial Arts Self Defense

Martial Arts Self Defense

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So last night before I went to bed I heard about what happened on the Danforth. Resisted writing about it. It’s very easy to overreact with these situations. However 6 months ago I sent a major Toronto Newspaper an article I had written about gun violence. They basically told me I was overreacting and felt guns on our streets are not problematic. Hummmmm … It looks like I was correct. Never-the-less here are some basic ideas for everyone to understand when confronted with these types of situations. The OODA principles ….


1. Observe (be aware of your surroundings)

2. Orient Yourself (once you detect danger – find the best space for yourself)

3. Decision (make one! – fight? run? hide?)

4. Action (do it! – whatever you decide)


There is no simple answer here. It seems to me like criminality has changed. The rules of engagement are different. A solution will require the mayor, city officials and police to change. Hopefully sooner then later….


What can be understood from this situations is that there is an emotional (internal) component to true violence. I have always advocated that your training must ‘go inside’ not just be physical (externally). Systema’s training has helped me through 3 such situations in my life so far. I was able to understand what was happening around me and inside me quickly to make sound decisions to keep me and my family safe. Martial arts self defense is not just sweating, its much more. This is what I teach at FightClub. 


Be safe everyone and see you at FC,




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