Martial Arts Shoes

At Toronto Fightclub, you can train with or without martial arts shoes. Also called wrestling shoes, martial arts shoes can provide you with grip on the training mats that socks or bare feet lack. They can also protect your toes from injury and simulate street wear. However, martial arts shoes limit the range of your motion and the extent of your sensitivity.

Training at Toronto Fightclub without martial arts shoes, on the other hand, prepares you to face attackers in domestic situations. It also forces you to be more mindful of your positioning and to be light on your feet. Training in such a manner helps improve your agility and balance.
Martial Arts Shoes
When you sign up for the first two introductory classes at Toronto Fightclub, try the first day without martial arts shoes and the second with, if you have that option. Take note of the differences under each condition and decide for yourself which route you wish to begin upon.

You can change your mind about martial arts shoes whenever you like, of course, but it is good to have experience regarding both conditions.

You will want to know how to use martial arts shoes to your advantage when walking down the streets of Toronto and you will want to be able to use your feet as if they were hands when the necessity arises.


See SYSTEMA Martial Arts Training to learn more about training at FightClub.

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