Martial Arts Weapons


Live in Toronto and want to learn martial arts in order to defend yourself against weapons, such as knives, sticks, and chains? At Toronto Fightclub, weapons are an important part of our martial arts training.

Systema–the art upon which Toronto Fightclub is focused–is a martial art used by Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz) to deal effectively with weapons and hand-to-hand attacks. It is a martial art almost unique to Toronto, incorporating weapons into flow drills and simulated assaults. The object of the martial art is to assimilate weapons into the artist’s field of awareness, making the weapon an extension of his/her body.
Martial Arts Weapons
Although we at Toronto Fightclub have been known to employ “live” weapons in our martial arts training, you need not be concerned about that during most sessions. Our martial arts instructors realise that weapons are fearful things with which students are prone to error.

Keeping that in mind, we tailor our martial art weapons training at Toronto Fightclub to newcomers as well as experts. Our martial arts weapons training method is hands-on. We throw people into the water to see if they can swim.

Yet we also progress subtly, employing realistic-looking but relatively harmless martial arts training weapons to lead the student step-by-step to mastery. That said, dealing with any sort of weapon, martial arts training or “live”, you can expect bumps and bruises. Ideally, a student of Toronto Fightclub will come away from our martial arts weapons training with the confidence and strength required to face any sort of physical encounter, regardless of terrain. Toronto Fightclub martial arts weapons training can be fast and furious if our instructors deem it necessary. Good luck!


See SYSTEMA Martial Arts Training to learn more about training at FightClub.

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