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July 18, 2018


Heat is the ultimate enemy for an athlete, because after a point, the hotter you get, the slower you’ll go. Part of the problem is that your body generates heat when you exercise, and there’s absolutely no way to avoid it—it’s the primary by-product of physical activity. Only a small portion of the energy liberated from food is used for mechanical work, such as walking or running. The rest radiates from your body as excess heat, which can be a big problem when it’s hot outside. 

Fortunately, with some planning and attention to detail, dangerously hot days won’t slow you down, and you’ll be able to continue to maximize your training.



Expose Yourself Consistency is a key to acclimating to hot, humid weather. Active exposure, such as moderate-intensity, leads to faster and greater adaptations than passive exposure, such as sitting in a sauna or un-air-conditioned house. Chances are if you’ve been training all summer, your body has already made the key adaptations of increasing blood plasma volume (to produce more sweat) and beginning to sweat earlier and over more of your body. Acclimating typically takes two weeks of consistent heat. While you don’t need to train every day in high temperatures, when you’re trying to acclimate, don’t go more than three days between hot training sessions per week.

Staying hydrated and well fed is also critical to the process of temperature acclimation, and it’s important to note that it’s totally ineffective to restrict liquid intake purposely in an attempt to teach the body to perform well without it. Not only does it not work, it’s dangerous, and you’re better off supporting your body’s natural adaptations with plenty of fluids.

Train Consistent to Be Resilient,


Train, Rest, Repeat!

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