Military Fitness Training


Military fitness or bootcamp training is a good way to improve self-confidence and self-control. Toronto Fightclub, centred as it is around a Russian Special Forces art called Systema, uses many military fitness training methods in its classes.
Military Fitness Training
Students perform numerous push-ups, squats, lunges, lifts, runs, and jumps.

Working alone or in groups, each class resembles a bootcamp in many ways. However, unlike regular military-style fitness training groups, Toronto Fightclub-in addition to strengthening your body-exercises your self-awareness, increasing the range of your perceptions.

We train our students to operate in the battlefield of Toronto life, work, and play. Our military fitness training will improve your co-ordination, reaction time, explosive potential, endurance, and-most important of all-your self-esteem. Toronto Fightclub may not sculpt you into a bronze Adonis, but it will make you stronger, faster, and tougher than you were before. Our military fitness training will teach you how to really exercise, without the need for weights and machines. That way, you will always have the tools to keep fit.


See SYSTEMA Martial Arts Training to learn more about training at FightClub.

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