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Our Stress is Contagious 

April 21, 2018


For most of us, altercations or physical conflicts are far and few between.  Stress is the other hand I am sure we will have loads of ….

When it comes down to it, stress is among our greatest health threats. It’s been linked to complications like high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. It can also present immune issues, higher risk of infertility and miscarriage, headaches, muscle tension or pain, anxiety, and depression.

What’s worse, a small study conducted at the University of Calgary has found that stress can be contagious. Published in the journal, Nature Neuroscience, researchers examined pairs of sibling mice, one of which was exposed to stress while the other was relaxing in a cage, and found that once reunited, the chemical stress signal was transferred to the non-stressed mouse.


Considering what’s already known about chronic stress and its effects on the hippocampus (the learning and memory section) of the brain — that long-term stress can weaken the connection between neurons, and diminish memory and learning ability — it is noteworthy that this effect can be transferred from the stressed party to a neutral one.


“One of the big reason students enjoy training at FightClub is that it helps remove the stress that builds up during the day. Fight the stress of life, not other people!”

~ emmanuel manolakakis

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