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Pay the Cost

September 16, 2020


Everything and everyone has a price. And if you want things to happen, you need to be prepared to pay the cost. That cost maybe, an hour of sleep, or your social life, or your ability to keep up with the pop culture. Whatever it is, the first step is to acknowledge that there will be a cost, and that in itself is key to ensuring we achieve our goals. 

Each one of us is granted 24 hours in our day, but everyone is spending it differently. How we spend our time is how we spend our lives, unfortunately (or not) – those sacrifices willed to be made. In order to make those sacrifices, were have to understand what those sacrifices will be. We have to recognize the costs and make the down payment. The payment may be a ‘hard work’ training session at FightClub, or having a ‘difficult’ conversation with a family member. These types of cost are why so few people actually purse the life they want. They encounter resistance, they stop, (and sometimes even turn around).

Nothing in life worth doing will be easy or cheap. Dedication can be measured in actions, and we have to show ourselves how much something means to us, if we really want to attain it. Each one of you that walks through the FC doors and steps onto the mats tells me so much, but more importantly, it telling yourself so much more. Only you know what’s important to you, what your willing to pay to get it and what your willing to lose to keep it.

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