Positive vs Negative Power

Positive vs Negative Power

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This is the basis of everything that I teach. 

When I’m stuck on an idea, this is what I come back to.  When I’m teaching, this is the first idea I teach.  When I’m doing a seminar, this is the most important thing I need students to understand.

Our bodies are creating energy, which we give to the hands and feet to get moving.  Our bodies move to create the energy, but not all energy that we create is GOOD energy.

I talk about Positive and Negative power.  Positive Power is energy that is created by our bodies that flows towards our training and our goals in life. This kinds of energy help us become a force of good, because it originates from a good place. 


Negative Power is any energy that our body is creating that is flowing in any direction except at our training and life goals. Think about it.  Why would you want to create energy that is going to AWAY from your goals?  

Now, I know that negative energy is going to happen at times, but our goal is simple.

We want our training to generate as much positive energy (energy going towards training and life goals) and eliminate as much negative energy (energy that goes any direction other than our training and life goals) as possible.

But you are probably thinking to yourself but “negative energy happens all the time, is it really that big of a deal?”

This is the reality of martial arts training.  It is hard.  But that doesn’t mean that we give in and just do whatever is comfortable.  Quite the opposite.  We engrain better habits and learn to fight to get as many positive things working for us as possible. 

So when you aren’t sure what a part of your body should be doing when you are training, remember the simple (but challenging) idea of positive power, and try to generate as much of your energy (or effort) towards what you want, not away from it.



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