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Disown your Fears

We tell ourselves a lot of stories about what we can and can’t do. Fear holds us back from achieving our goals and dreams.

Fear is the number one killer of confidence. When we fear the outcome or a part of the process, we don’t move forward. Taking action leads to increased confidence. Fear creates this vicious cycle that keeps us from realising our goals and dreams and, in the process, robs us of our confidence.

Start by making a list of your fears in relation to finding your purpose. What about this discovery process is frightening to you? What are the unknowns that make you overwhelmed? Think about how this

contributes to your level of self-confidence.

Next, identify the evidence that proves your fears wrong. What lie is your fear trying to tell you?

Here are a few example:

  • Fear: I am afraid that people will laugh at me or tell me I’m crazy for following my passion or discovering my life purpose.

  • Evidence 1: I have a great family and wonderful friends who have always supported me in various stages of my life.

  • Evidence 2: If this is truly my purpose, everyone will see it and agree that I was meant for this.

Don’t let fear rule your life. Just Disown your fears, it’s that simple!

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