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Belief is common. Faith less so. Is it really enough to understand the teachings? Words are easily memorized and repeating is easily confused for wisdom. If it is true that the highest level of Systema is available to any person, then it is also true that they won't be found just learning. In other words it is not enough to show up to class and just go through the motions by repeating words and movements.

"There is something about martial arts that cannot be understood. It is transmitted and carried on. It comes from a higher power and it is a light in the darkness"

Of all the arts that people can study, there is none that require so much of a person than martial arts. It is am interesting thing to see so many people spending time and energy to learn Systema (or any martial art for that matter) have doubts about whether or not it is even real. Yet they keep training. There is something there of great value and they know it. Without faith, however, they will never find it.

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