Precision in Martial Arts

(Noun) – The state or quality of being precise; exactness.
(Adjective) – Clearly expressed or delineated; definite. Exact, as in performance, execution, or amount; accurate or correct.
Many times martial arts programs we are consumed by the quest to develop power and speed. This is mainly because they both have strong associations; power with ego and speed with fear. As a result, precision which is associated with exactness ranks below power and speed. However, if you watch any true masterwork you will see precision foremost, no matter what the endeavor.
So take time when you train to focus on this skill and you will not be disappointed in your results!
Here are four tips to help you in this endeavor:
Do not rush through drills for the sake of completing them. Speed can be added later as your abilities improve. Think of good food, enjoy it and savor every aspect of it. What good is accomplished by eating quickly? Not much, other than a stomach ache.
Whether it be your words or actions, the fewer you use to accomplish the same task, the more efficient you are and the more energy you will retain. Think of someone who rambles on and on about a topic that could be summed up in a few words – they agitate people and tire themselves out. Or the defensive movement that required one good punch but you deployed 4 mediocre ones instead.
When training is clear and confident in your actions. There should be no doubt about its potential effects. For example, if you practice grabs and escapes with a partner, both of you can work with precision. The person who is grabbing should pick a target and proceed in a committed and focused way. If the partner does not move, the grab is completed and the person is put to the ground. On the other end, the person defending himself or herself should also work with precision and stop the grab, leaving no doubt.
Look for precise words and statements when explaining yourself. Whether it be at the end of class in the circle or explaining something to a fellow student. Conveying your message in a concise and effective manure is one true hallmark of a master.
Striving to achieve this skill will truly make your ‘work’ beautiful.

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