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Put Down the Stress & Strain

July 23, 2019


Today people young and old are placing undue strain on their joints and muscles through vigorous and improper workouts, and they are hurting themselves more than ever before. Popular fitness activities many have some brief physical benefits, but all too often they lead instead to arthritis, joint and ligament tears, chronic joint pain, and muscle strains (Or just as bad, they are not moving their joints or muscles purposefully at all).



You may not know it yet but locked inside your compressed joints you can access a cold storage of chemically healing nutrients. How? Come to FightClub and see how to connect your breathing and movements – it can heal you. All the while learning a fascinating martial art!

Students, if you have a friend or family member that is stuck in a slump, recovering from an injury, overwhelmed by your tasks, flattened by over-trained effort, frustrated by lack of results or depressed by lack of energy, then… forward this email to them and get them to try some classes in July and August.

See you on the mats,




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