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Run Towards Learning

February 6, 2020


Although development was held by many to be the result of maturation, modern developmentalists are concerned with discovering the ways in which biological and environmental forces interact to produce developmental variations.

Development is viewed as a continuous process, whereby change over time takes place smoothly and gradually.  The more closely and more frequently we examine the child’s development, the more gradual the process appears.

There is continued debate as to whether situational influences or individual personality characteristics are more important in determining how stable a child’s behavior will be across varying contexts.

There are many contradictions posed to a child’s development by the presence of high-risk factors (such as family disintegration), poverty, illness, the child’s evolution in the quality of resilience, the ability to cope with such negative influences, and the ability to create a satisfying and useful life for himself/herself.


Learning Perspectives

Some believe development is a continuous process, which uses the same principles of learning across the life span. On this view, the child is relatively passive, molded by environmental factors that modify behavior.  Another important form of learning is imitation.  According to this theory, children are selective about who and what behaviors they imitate.

Most modern developmentalists believe that children actively shape, control, and direct the course of their own development; some, however, still hold that children are the passive recipients of environmental influence. Training in SYSTEMA at FightClub, I focus on utilizing both themes for the kids. The training classes have plenty of time for the kids have ‘play learn’ experiences. I try to teach as a ‘guide’ (rather than a dictator) and, in this fashion, I give the kids a chance to shape, control and direct their own development. On the flip-side all kinds of things happen during the classes – Bumps, bruises, arguments, agitations, silliness, laughter, etc. These things exist in all environments the kids are in (home, school or at FightClub). The main thing is not to avoid these things, but fill the room with love and positive energy. In this fashion they come away with a positive learning from all experience.

“We run towards learning, but we accept learning happens on its own whenever love exists” 

My approach with the kids is forward-thinking, active, and collaborative.  We don’t avoid real life, but rather understand and embrace it.

See you at FightClub!


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