Self Defense Training For Women – Using Intuition


What is your body telling you right now? Go through a quick check…

Is your face relaxed or tight? Is your breathing exhaled or held? Is your posture slumped and held or upright and balanced? Are your shoulders and neck tight and lifted or relaxed and down? Is your chest lifted high or relaxed? Is your head jutting forward or balanced on top of your spine? Are your shoulder blades pinched or relaxed? Is your belly pulled in and tight, or relaxed and smooth?

Go through every portion of your body and check once a day at lunch or during your personal time. This is the difference between a routine and a habit. A habit is rigid and fixed. You are compelled to repeat your habit and you feel anxious and uncomfortable if you do not. A routine is stable (consistent rather than fixed), plastic (it can transform to be specific to the intensity of the situation), adjustable (it can be changed to meet different tasks) and reliable (rather than predictable). It’s a toolbox rather than a hammer.

By staying aware of your body’s signals throughout the day you can be proactive and spontaneous about your tension. In this way, you can take short breaks to release the tension before a habit forms. Just two minutes suffices in most cases.

Your body is talking to you in many ways. It is important to listen. This is the first steps to understanding intuition work. Your brain can think, but so can your body.

Self Defense Training For Women should incorporate a lot of intuition work.  Learning how to detect danger from a distance will increase your survival chances and give you more options. Many top professionals agree that women have much better intuition then there male counterparts. A real tactical advantage!

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