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Speed in Systema & Recorded Live Training Classes are Available

June 3, 2020


Developing Speed in Systema – A Manny Minute

Emmanuel shares some of his favorite ways of developing ‘true’ speed. Speed that comes for a good source, not from panic or fear. Have a watch, comment, and share …

Systema Speed – A Manny Minute



Can’t make the Live Online Training?

No Problem! Classes are also recorded and uploaded so you can training whenever you have time. Trust me these classes are chalked full of good information, we’re not just moving and breathing.

Check it out …

Live Online Training Class June 1,  2020



What are people saying about Live Online Training sessions?

“Hi Emmanuel,

Just catching up with classes after a busy week. Watched and “participated” in your May 21 class (last Thursday) just now – look around, then eyes closed; pull out the knife, smooth and relaxed within body frame, and put back in the same relaxed way.

I found the class so helpful. As I looked around the room, and pulled out my knife at various objects, my interior (as I got to know it thanks to the previous exercises, eyes open, eyes closed) kept on telling me: “It’s not a threat. Put the knife back gently.” I found myself eventually pulling out the knife at various objects representing special people and memories: pictures of loved ones, religious items, other items associated with close and deep memories. Each time, I quickly realized, there is no reason to pull the knife out, and I put it back gently. But I needed the experience. I was almost brought to tears. A very unusual feeling.

Thank you so very much. These classes are enormously helpful. God bless you!”


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