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Stop the Advice Monster!

January 21, 2020


Learning is an activity that involves solely the student and ‘the knowledge’. Everything or everyone else that may become involved in this process is essentially superfluous—and is potentially harmful as a distraction from the fundamental process.

Kids don’t need your help … Stop the Advice Monster!

Just Say Nothing!

Self—teaching is an “extraordinary” technique today, but it was ordinary in the past, when most of the great scholars in human history learned in a similar way.

No one can claim to have complete knowledge about the best techniques for human learning. This is a very complicated subject. It is possible, however, to observe individuals who excel and to notice characteristics which they have in common. Self—teaching, excellent study habits, and a well-disciplined approach to independent thought are characteristics of these people. If you really need to say something just ask a simple question like … ‘What’s on your mind?’ or ‘What do you think are the challenges here?’ Avoid solving the problem and Stop the Advice Monster. The more often you do this the sooner learnings truly potential will surface.


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