Strengthing exercises for Archery Classes


I use these ‘down times’ to focus on other aspects of my archery skills – like physical strength training and staying strong would be one of them.

Why would strength exercises help with archery?

When I first started archery, I didn’t think id need much strength in order to shoot..boy was I wrong. The continued drawing of the bow and holding it drawn to aim worked my arms and mostly my shoulders. Towards the end of a couple of hour session, I struggled to aim the bow effectively due to my strength.

By exercising your upper body, you can not only handle the draw better but you have the increasing strength and stamina to be able to aim more effectively. Put simply, these archery exercises will help you to have better control over your shot and allow you to shoot for longer!

1. A simple push-up – Hold steady for 20-30 seconds at the top. Will build overall upper body strength and endurance to hold you bow weigh steady when your shooting.

2. A simple squat – Hold steady for 20-30 second about halfway down. Will build strong legs which will give you a solid shooting stance.

There are countless exercises, just simple search ‘archery strength training’ in google. The two I mentioned about can be done before lunch and dinner quickly and will give you good benefits when you start archery classes.

Give it a try!

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