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Summer Break Closure 

August 11, 2018


Summer Break Closure 

* August 20th – September 3rd there will be no FightClub Classes *


Some class notes from last week …

Weapons can be a great training and what I always enjoy is how awareness and survival skills come alive when using weapons.

Regardless of the weapon there a few steadfast principles that students learn. If using a weapon don’t be a ‘slave’ to it. You have legs, arms and a mind that can also work. If defending, remember it is not the weapon that works against you but the person. All by itself, the weapon will just lay there.



Do not be preoccupied with the method of attack or weapon. The body’s survival skills kick in and clear the direction or line of attack spontaneously.

When you consider the speed of most weapon attackers there is not much time to think things through. I will discuss how this type of training is incorporated and utilized further.

Here are a few pictures for a FightClub class last week. I asked one student to place a hand lightly on their partners back. The partner being touched needs to stab behind them. Such fun, dynamic and honest drill that shows you so much.


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