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Teach them to Teach Themselves

January 23, 2018


I’ve been teaching in one way, shape or form for over 25 years now. I can honestly say that “The student who masters a subject on his own learns more”. When I’m teaching SYSTEMA at FightClub to the kids I try my best to give them time to practice with there partners. The demonstrations or examples I give are referenced as ‘ideas’ or ‘concepts’. I’m constantly talking about them being creative.  Real-world problems need creative solutions. There is a part of us all that really likes set techniques, hard rules, and facts, but teaching from these places has a ceiling. I try to remove any ceilings when I teach. I believe all children should reach for the stars.

Learning is not a team sport. Learning is an activity that involves solely the student and the knowledge. Everything or everyone else that may become involved in this process is essentially superfluous—and is potentially harmful as a distraction from the fundamental process.

What do you need? 

Good Study Habits

This self—mastery usually does not happen automatically, but it can be learned by almost any student with correct study rules and a good study environment.

While the subject matter, can be mastered with or without a teacher, the student who masters it without a teacher learns something more. He/she learns to teach himself.

Practical Advantages of Self—Study

Besides the great advantage of developing good study habits and thinking ability, self—teaching also has immediate practical advantages. Many children should be able, through Advanced Placement examinations, to skip over one or more years of college. The great saving in time and expense from this is self—evident. These and other comparable accomplishments await most children who learn to self—teach and then apply this skill to their home education.

Even children of lesser ability can, by means of self—teaching and good study habits, achieve far more than they otherwise would have accomplished by the more ordinary techniques.

Just Say Nothing

Self—teaching is an “extraordinary” technique today, but it was ordinary in the past when most of the great scholars in human history learned in a similar way.

No one can claim to have complete knowledge about the best techniques for human learning. This is a very complicated subject. It is possible, however, to observe individuals who excel and to notice characteristics which they have in common. Self—teaching, excellent study habits, and a well-disciplined approach to independent thought are characteristics of these people.

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