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The Archery Program is Growing

January 3, 2020


Happy New Year Archers!

The Archery Program is growing yet again with an additional class added to the schedule in 2020.

Monday’s from 6:30-8 pm will be dedicated to ‘Match’ or Tournament Archery. This will compliment the Friday Archery ‘Lessons’ from 5-6 & 6-7 pm and allow everyone to track their progress more effectively.

* January – July memberships are $400 for both days (Monday & Friday) or $300 for just the Friday (same as last year) *

The first archery class of the year will be on January 10th. Please bring either cash, cheque or you can even e-transfer the membership fees.

See you all soon for another year of Archery at FC!


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401 Donlands Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 416-200-0200

FC Archery News


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