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To handle Frustration – Get back to the Basics

November 13, 2019


Hey FC Crew,

Been ‘going deep’ with the classes lately and this will frustrate you without a doubt. But without this you will not grow or see your true potential. Just be patient and keep practicing.

Patience is very important when you are learning any martial arts. There will be days when you’re going to be terrible, and other days when you are going to be great. This is a normal process because your body and your mind are both adapting to the changes. Don’t let any of this get in your way and you will achieve excellent results. In life and in your Systema training.

Just remember that if your feeling frustrated, make a real effort to focus on the basics during those times. This has helped me out tons and I would see an improvement almost immediately after doing this. Make your practice consistent and daily if possible – this will also help a lot.

So what does back to the basics mean?

Good breathing, posture, and body movements.  Have fun and be creative. Just slow things down and enjoying the process of learning.


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