Toronto Archery Range


Archery Range Etiquette

1. Keep talking to a minimum on the shooting line to avoid distracting others.

2. Do not comment on someone else’s shooting during an end.

3. Have an encouraging remark to pass, rather than a sarcastic one.

4. Do not make unkind remarks about your own shooting as this may upset or distract someone.

5. Music volume and selection should be kept to a level agreeable to all who are present.

6. All members have the responsibility to keep the archery range clean. Please pick up all papers/ used targets etc. and place them in the bin.

7. Do not touch equipment belonging to someone else without permission.

8. Step back from the shooting line to give other archers a chance to finish their ends.

9. Respect the other arrows in the target while removing your own.

10. Leave the other archer’s arrows in the target unless asked to remove them.

Toronto Archery Range

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