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September 24, 2018


A big thank you to everyone that attended the “Punch It” Seminar at FightClub. This was the third and last FC seminar of 2018. Four hours of training seem to melt away so quickly as you kept working and absorbing the material I presented. I hope the seminar material was interesting and provided you with deeper insight into the topic of developing a good punch. After each seminar, I teach I like to make notes (more kind of a journal). Here are my journal notes for you to reference the material that was covered. 

Three analogies of punches I gave where … 

– A Single Good Punch ‘One and Done’ – ‘Sniper Rifle’

– Off balance punch(s) from unusual positions – ‘Pistol Work’

– Multiple Punches for mass situations ‘Machine Gun’  


Hour One (Warm-Up & Home Work)

– Feel you Body weight (relaxation of the body but you must feel your weight on the ground)

– Good posture 

– Footwork 

– Holding the arms correctly 

– Shoulder movements/strength

– Elbow movements/strength

– Wrist movements/strength

– fingers movements/strength


Hour Two (Pushing Open Hand) 

– Incredible value to developing a good push

– Good Distance, space 

– Feet planted to moving

– Standing, kneeling to the ground

– In Pairs and Threes

– wall & floor pushups

– body pushups on partner front/back


Hour Three (Taking & Giving Impact)

– Chest, stomach, Traps, Shoulder blades, Legs

– Heavy strike that does not hurt  but has weight and impact

  – Sending energy into the body, not your fist


Hour Four (Dynamic strikes – Where Systema Shines)

– Machine Gun 

– Wave work

– Multiple attacker scenario style strikes

– Flowing from strike to strike, figure 8, circle movements  

– Opening up the group or circle


*Let everyone strike me hard so I can ‘feel’ that they understand what I have shown* 

The main goal for this seminar is to strike hard, with impact but not hurt. ‘You are transferring goodness’ with a Systema strike!



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