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Uncertainty & Fear vs Bravery & Courage

August 18, 2020


Back to school time is stressful and can cause a lot of anxiety all on its own. However, this year is like no other that I can remember. Kids, parents, and teachers are dealing with so much uncertainty, how could you not be fearful.

Some Symptoms …

The hallmark of anxiety is avoidance of the thing that is scaring us; for kids, that means they simply won’t want to go to school. The most common way this manifest itself physically is a stomach ache, It’s not fake, either; it’s a real physiological response.

What should we do …?

Keep an open perspective and talk to kids about the concept of fear. Fear is normal and a necessary human emotion. At its best fear stops us from doing stupid things. At it’s worst it paralyze us from doing the right things. From my perspective kids have too much fear and in a way paralyzed. When I think back to my childhood I realize that kids have way more fear than I had as a kid, and I hate that!

This world is so crazy place (and I’m talking before the pandemic). Kids need to have courage and to be brave in order to make it. Are we teaching them to be brave and have courage against the unknown or stop and hide? Don’t misunderstand me I’m all about safety and society, but I’m also about resilience, courage, and bravery too.

As a father I am using these moments to educate my kids about the new realities of our society,  talking about fears and what they mean, telling them stories of my own fears and how I’m dealing with them, and most of all the courage and bravery it will take to meet this challenge.

I will be doing the same for your kids at FightClub this September. If you have not registered please do so as soon as possible by sending me an email to systema@fight-club.ca



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