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We Don’t have a Problem, We Have a Puzzel

September 14, 2020


The importance of flexibility and adaptation to change can’t be overemphasized. Truly great champions are aware of this whole-heartedly which suggests not holding to a fixed plan, but rather changing according to the unfolding of events. Teach kids how to adapt and adapt quickly is a big part of what I’ve been teaching at FightClub for almost 20 years now. Adaptation is learned and grasped when you are given the opportunity to react to changing situations in training, in games, and all kids of day-to-day situations.

COVID-19 is not a problem too me, but rather a puzzle. It didn’t stop my life or put it on hold, I just continued right along with what I’ve always done in life – adapted and evolved.  Something that is a foundation principle in SYSTEMA.

It is impossible to anticipate all eventualities. The best way to plan for something unpredictable is to not be ‘afraid to adapt’. Is that what you are teaching your kids at home? Is that what schools are planning on teaching you kids this coming year?  I cannot answer those questions for all of you, just something to reflect on I guess. What I can tell you, is its something I will be focusing on over the next few months.

“Illusion is a part of fear. You need to learn how to see through it”  

~ Emmanuel Manolakakis

The only certainty is the uncertainty of life. Change will occur no matter what you do. Let’s all focus on giving kids courage and strength for the years ahead.

Look forward to seeing you all in class,


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